DATAMASS Information Systems
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Process Control
John White Automation Ltd
30 Hutchison Way, Kirkcaldy, Fife
Tel 01592 640131
email: jhw@whiteautomation.co.uk
Process Control
The first database systems were created to supplement the recording of weighbridge data onto a simple ticket.  Storing all data at the time of weighing allows collation with other data, e.g. suppliers, materials, etc., and ready integration with other customer systems. 

Facilities & Options
Systems are customised to individual requirements, but incorporating standardised procedures & underlying software design.  Applications are readily amended to accommodate changing customer requirements.  Key features are the quick & accurate acquisition of data, built-in reporting, and routines for transfer of data to mainframe systems.

Service contracts provide immediate support to any site via internet connection.  With such facility, site operations can be monitored and programme changes can be readily installed.